As I’ve cancelled theft insurance of my bike, I’m looking for an alternatives.

I don’t want any commercially available tracking, as this is typically coupled with pretty high subscription, resulting in high TCO. I’ve found out that our O2 GSM operator is providing Machine 2 Machine rate for about 20Kč (~ CZK 22 ) a month. Independent GSM GPS tracker looks like a good choice.

At first my favorite tracker was Interphone Angel 20, however I’ve soon realized that it’s very very similar to some noname Chinese models. …

Story by Lukáš Vyhlídka and Dezider Meško

Some time ago, in our “garbage” slack channel, someone posted article about monitoring of toilets in Adastra. Even their MacGyver like tinfoil solution isn’t something we would prefer, obviously their solution works and more important they provide us with inspiration. So let’s spread this virus more.

It is true, that we have pretty similar toilet problems like in Adastra, (which company doesn’t?) but we have decided to monitor small brown stuff instead of big one — our stainless steel coffee kettle.

I know it’s not the Moccamaster, but serves well.

We are trying to brew good filtered coffee. And is nothing more…

CC BY-SA 3.0 Prusa Research

If you are using Pi Zero with Prusa MK3, maybe you are bothered with long boot time, and this post could help you.

My initial boot times looked like this:

pi@octopi:~ $ systemd-analyzeStartup finished in 2.585s (kernel) + 1min 25.749s (userspace) = 1min 28.334spi@octopi:~ $ systemd-analyze blame35.047s dev-mmcblk0p2.device30.796s systemd-fsck-root.service30.615s hciuart.service11.426s dhcpcd.service8.564s apt-daily.service7.550s apt-daily-upgrade.service4.814s networking.service...etc

Obviously most of the time is taken by fsck — on every boot of Pi. And it’s hardest decision to do as well. You can gain 1 minute or you can risc that with incorrect shutdown…

Máte pocit, že nadešel čas na Vašeho chatbota? Nevíte ale, co od implementace čekat? Pojďme se podívat, jak takový chatbot funguje a jaké Vás čekají záludnosti.

Chatbot se typicky skládá z těchto bloků (to jak jsou propojené, si ukážeme vzápětí):

  • Messaging Platform Integration (MPI) — součást starající se o přenos zpráv od a k uživateli. Typicky budete integrovat s platformami jako Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Skype, Telegram…
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) — součást, která chatbotovi vdýchne duši. S nějakou mírou (ne)jistoty rozeznává, co uživatel řekl a jaký má úmysl. …

Dezider Meško

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