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Long Pi Zero boot time, on Prusa MK3

If you are using Pi Zero with Prusa MK3, maybe you are bothered with long boot time, and this post could help you.

My initial boot times looked like this:

Obviously most of the time is taken by fsck — on every boot of Pi. And it’s hardest decision to do as well. You can gain 1 minute or you can risc that with incorrect shutdown you can corrupt your filesystem without reparation on the next boot. I’ve managed to corrupt FS, so Pi wasn’t able to boot even with fsck on, so I’m taking this risc. But think twice.

If you want turn it off, change file cmdline.txt

and change there to

You can run fsck on next boot by creating file


Next is hciuart.service — it is service supporting bluetooth — if you are not using it you can:

and to the end add:

(you have probably there so just add it below it)

When I was there, I’ve disabled even audio

and disable BT services in command line:


Next is dhcpcd.service waiting for the network interface. You can probably configure it statically but I’ve just launch:

and in the menu changed to

Finally there is apt-daily and apt-daily-upgrade services



You can change their config to this:

So instead boot time, they are dooing their work random minutes later. Source.

After all this, boot time of my Pi is 18s, which I consider acceptable :-)

But as usually — all these changes could have some side effects, so in case of strange issues, remember that you have changed something. And for case of FS corruption, run fsck manually or make an FS image.

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